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Experienced Product Liability Attorney in Hamilton, NJ Seeks Maximum Compensation for Victims of Defective Products in Mercer County, Middlesex County, Ocean County, and Throughout NJ

As a consumer, you have a very reasonable expectation that any product you purchase is safe for you and your family to use. When this expectation falls short and you are injured by a product, the impact of your injuries can affect you for the rest of your life. If you were injured by a company’s defective product, you should contact a dedicated New Jersey Defective Product Lawyer for a free consultation. You may be legally entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and damages from those that are responsible for making the product and placing it into your hands.

When you have a defective products claim in New Jersey, the experienced personal injury and product liability attorneys at Kalavruzos, Mumola, Hartman, Lento & Duff, LLC are ready to get to work on your behalf to help you obtain maximum recovery. We will vigorously pursue your claim by thoroughly investigating your accident and injuries, working with experts to identify the defects in the product that injured you, and aggressively negotiate with the manufacturers and insurance companies to secure full and fair compensation for your losses.

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Types of Product Liability Lawsuits Our Qualified New Jersey Defective Product Lawyer Handle in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the most common types of products liability lawsuits that our New Jersey Defective Product Lawyer handle include:

The Plaintiff’s Burden of Proof 

To bring a product liability lawsuit, a plaintiff would need to prove that they suffered an injury caused by a product defect. They would also need to prove that this injury caused them financial or bodily harm (this can include emotional harm).

In any type of product liability lawsuit, the burden of proof rests upon the plaintiff to prove that the defect in the product existed. It must also be proven that use of the product was unreasonably dangerous even if the product was used as intended. It is also important to show that the defect in the product was not obvious to a reasonable person before they used it.

Standards of Proof in Product Liability Accidents in New Jersey

In New Jersey, each type of product liability lawsuit has its own standard of proof. This is set forth in the relevant New Jersey statute, The New Jersey Product Liability Act (Section 2A: 58C-1).

Products with design defects

The standard of proof in a legal claim that a product has design defects is that the product could have been designed in a way that minimized its potential harm. While this appears to be a straightforward concept, you need to discuss the exact facts of your case with an experienced product liability legal team, as there are exceptions to this and every standard of proof in product liability accidents.

Products with manufacturing defects

The standard of proof involving products with manufacturing defects is also generally straightforward. The plaintiff would argue that the product in issue deviated from the manufacturer’s design specifications. It could also be argued that the product in issue differed from the same products that were produced according to the same specifications or standards.

Products with warning or marketing defects

This is a more complex area as part of marketing, by nature, involves saying things about products that seek to shine the best possible light on how we see them. The standard of proof here is that the product did not include any warning or a type of warning that a reasonable person would have included with this or a similar product. This reasonableness standard is always a challenging one to prove – another reason why any product liability case should be in the hands of experienced product liability attorneys such as the team at KMHL&D.

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Hamilton Defective Product Lawyer

Product liability cases can be complex, particularly because they are often on such a large scale. What is at issue for the manufacturer is not one or one hundred products, but potentially millions of products that have entered the market and are already in use by the public.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective product in Mercer County or elsewhere in New Jersey, contact the experienced New Jersey Defective Product Lawyer of Kalavruzos, Mumola, Hartman, Lento & Duff, LLC today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case and to learn more about your rights and options for seeking compensation for the injuries and other harm you have suffered.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Defective Product Injuries in New Jersey

Does KMHL&D have experience in product liability lawsuits?

We do. The KMHL&D legal team has experience in all areas of law where people have been injured, including those involving liability for defective products. If you have been the victim of using or consuming a defective product in Mercer County, Burlington County, Somerset County, Middlesex County, and throughout New Jersey, contact us today.

Can I bring a defective product lawsuit even if the product had a warning label?

You are not barred from bringing a product liability lawsuit simply because the product has a warning label. As experienced product liability lawyers in New Jersey, our team at KMHL&D understands how to consult the right experts to determine whether a product warning label was adequate, which might make the difference between success and failure with your lawsuit.

If I was injured by a defective medication I was prescribed, can I bring a lawsuit even if I didn’t research that medication?

Yes. The law does not expect you to be an expert in pharmaceuticals. There is a legal assumption that any medication prescribed to you is safe and free from defects. When this is the case, and you have been injured by taking medicine prescribed for you, please contact the team at KMHL&D today.

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