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Brick Criminal Defense Attorney 

Experienced Brick Criminal Defense Attorney Representing Individuals Accused of Crimes in Ocean County and Throughout New Jersey 

Are you facing criminal prosecution? This can be a very distressing experience. It is not surprising that many people make mistakes after being arrested which makes matters worse. With your freedom at stake, it is vital that you have the support and guidance of an experienced Brick criminal defense attorney. 

The team at Hartman Duff, LLC has been representing individuals accused of crimes for more than 20 years. We work tirelessly to defend the reputation, freedom, and livelihood of our clients in Brick and throughout Ocean County. Our firm has the experience and skills to work on your case and protect you from being formally charged, arrested, detained, or convicted. Our team consists of several experienced and skilled attorneys as well as professionals with varied skills and experience. We will put our skills and resources to use to get your charges dropped or reduced. You can rely on our firm to work to get the best outcome for your case. 

Contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable Brick criminal defense attorney from our law firm. We offer free case evaluation that will give you invaluable insight into your case. 

Charges that a Brick Criminal Defense Attorney from Our Law Firm can Help You Fight 

The skilled and experienced team at Hartman Duff, LLC has represented clients in a wide variety of criminal cases. We continue to fight on behalf of our clients to protect their rights and best interests. We have successfully represented clients in a wide variety of criminal matters including those involving: 

We also provide representation for those that have been convicted of crimes. We will advocate on your behalf for a conditional discharge. We will also help you get your criminal record expunged to protect your future. 

Contact Hartman Duff, LLC for representation by an experienced Brick criminal defense attorney. 

Possible Penalties for Criminal Conviction in Brick 

If you have been convicted of a crime, you will face various penalties depending on the nature of your crime. These penalties include: 

The team at Hartman Duff, LLC will fight to help you avoid the penalties above or get them reduced. Contact us to learn more about how we can help. 

About Brick, New Jersey 

Brick is a township located in Ocean County, New Jersey. With a population of 73,620 as of the 2020 US Census, this township is considered relatively safe. The crime rate in brick is near the average crime rate for cities and towns of similar sizes in the country. However, Brick’s crime rate is well below the average crime rate for the state of New Jersey. 

The most common type of crime in Brick is property crime including larceny, arson, grand theft auto, and burglary. Violent crimes such as murder, rape, and assault occur less often in Brick than in most of the county. 

If you have been accused of a crime in Brick, contact Harman Duff, LLC for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. 

Reach Out to Hartman Duff, LLC to Speak with an Experienced Brick Criminal Defense Attorney 

Have you been accused of a crime in Brick? Contact Hartman Duff, LLC for a free consultation with an experienced Brick criminal defense attorney. Take advantage of our free and confidential consultation to gain invaluable insight into your case. Learn about your rights and options. We’ll help you determine the best strategy to take for your case. We’ll guide you, negotiate on your behalf and represent you throughout your case. 

Contact Hartman Duff, LLC to schedule your consultation. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Criminal Defense

What should I do if there is an arrest warrant for me?

If you suspect or know that a warrant for your arrest has been issued, you should consult with an experienced Brick criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can advise you on how to proceed. They will also get started on investigating your case and may even provide evidence that will absolve you of suspicion of committing the crime to help you avoid arrest and being charged for the crime.

There are instances when it is best to surrender voluntarily. In instances like these, your attorney will be there with you and ensure that the law is observed and that your rights are protected. They will ensure you do not do or say anything that could endanger your case.

Can I talk to other people about my case?

If you are being investigated or have been arrested in connection with a crime, it is important to avoid discussing the details of your case with anyone. This includes family and friends. The prosecution can obtain a subpoena or simply compel your loved ones to testify against you at your trial. This would mean that the things you said to them will be used as evidence against you. It is also important to refrain from sharing any information about your case on social media. This information can also be used in court as evidence against you.

The only person you should discuss your case with is your attorney. Hartman Duff, LLC provides free and confidential consultation for individuals accused of crimes. Contact us to schedule a consultation and get answers to your questions. We will help you understand your rights and options. 

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