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Juvenile offenders can avoid severe penalties with the right legal representation and instead complete community service, rehabilitation, or other non-imprisonment alternatives. However, without proper legal guidance from an experienced Hamilton juvenile crimes lawyer, juvenile criminal offenses can have a serious impact on the rest of a young person’s life. 

In the State of New Jersey, a person is tried as a juvenile if he or she is under the age of 18 at the time their offense was committed. Even if the juvenile turns 18 during a trial, they are still treated as a juvenile.

However, New Jersey judges have quite a wide discretion on how to handle juvenile cases. In very serious cases, such as murder or assault, it is possible for a judge to waive the juvenile up and try him or her as an adult. When this happens, a juvenile could face adult charges and be imprisoned.

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If your child was arrested or is under investigation for a juvenile crime, you need to know how juvenile charges are handled in New Jersey. In fact, you should know that as a parent, you are required to hire a lawyer for your child; unless it is a minor matter that has already been referred to a Juvenile Conference Committee. 

Kalavruzos, Mumola, Hartman, Lento & Duff, LLC has a legal team with years of experience that are skilled in handling juvenile crime cases. Contact a qualified Hamilton Juvenile Crimes Lawyer today so we can discuss your child’s case.

Common Juvenile Offenses in New Jersey

Among the most common crimes juvenile are charged with in New Jersey are assault crimes, drug possession, underage DUI/DWI, and criminal mischief. 

If your child has been arrested or is being charged with a juvenile crime, it is something you should take seriously. However, getting arrested or being indicted does not necessarily mean that the court will find your child guilty. With effective and timely representation by the skilled and experienced legal team at Kalavruzos, Mumola, Hartman, Lento & Duff, LLC, there are a number of ways to avoid severe penalties or a finding of guilt. A qualified Hamilton Juvenile Crimes Lawyer from Kalavruzos, Mumola, Hartman, Lento & Duff, LLC may be able to get your child into a diversionary, rehabilitation, or other treatment program instead of being sentenced to prison.

The Juvenile Justice System in New Jersey

The primary aim of the New Jersey juvenile justice system is to rehabilitate youth and foster in them a sense of responsibility and civic duty. Yet for young people who do get convicted, the consequences can be lasting.

Another issue surrounding juvenile crime cases involves recidivism – this is when a juvenile who has already been charged with a crime commits an offense again and slips back to their criminal behavior. A report prepared by the state of New Jersey shows that due to this issue, rehabilitation methods are not always favored over sentences aimed at punishing the juvenile offender and allowing them to face the consequences.

Statistics from the Office of the Attorney General and the Juvenile Justice Commission indicate that there are currently more than 350 juveniles who have been sentenced (and are either imprisoned or on probation) in the state of New Jersey. Of those sentenced, 192 are presently in aftercare programs. These programs are aimed at reintegrating juvenile offenders into mainstream society. 

In New Jersey, the Juvenile Criminal Justice System differs from the Adult Criminal Justice System. The charges and the penalties upon conviction are different. However, the family court judge has wide discretion in sentencing a juvenile offender. For instance, instead of sending the youthful offender to prison, the judge has the option of imposing penalties that are aimed at rehabilitating the juvenile and preventing him or her from committing a crime again in the future. Excluding imprisonment, some of these penalties or consequences include but are not limited to: 

The consequences that a juvenile has to face depend on whether or not it is a first-time offense and on how severe the charges are. There are certain crimes that have what is known as “mandatory dispositions”. This means that for some crimes, the court’s hands are tied and it must impose the mandated penalty. For example, some drug charges have mandatory dispositions.

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Hamilton Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

If you have a child who has been arrested or is facing juvenile charges anywhere in New Jersey, you need to hire an experienced Hamilton Juvenile Crimes Lawyer. Contact Kalavruzos, Mumola, Hartman, Lento & Duff, LLC today and we will work immediately to prepare your child’s defense and to protect your child’s rights.

Dedicated Hamilton Juvenile Crimes Lawyer Answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Juvenile Offenses in New Jersey

If my child was only charged with a minor juvenile offense, should I still hire a lawyer?

If your child is only facing a minor matter that has already been referred to a Juvenile Conference Committee, you are no longer legally required as a parent to hire a lawyer. However, you may still need advice and guidance in handling the case. Kalavruzos, Mumola, Hartman, Lento & Duff, LLC has a legal team with years of experience and skill in handling juvenile criminal matters, and we’d be happy to provide a free consultation about your child’s case.

If my child is facing juvenile charges, which requires him to appear in court, am I required to hire a lawyer?

New Jersey courts require that a juvenile offender must have a lawyer in all formal court hearings before a judge. The state considers this part of the proceedings as a “counsel-mandatory or formal court hearing.” When you engage Kalavruzos, Mumola, Hartman, Lento & Duff, LLC, for a juvenile crime case, we ensure that your child’s best interests are ably and effectively represented during formal court hearings.

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