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A critical part of being a motorcycle rider is always being prepared. From the day you begin your lifelong journey as someone who rides, you are taught to expect the unexpected and to understand that your motorcycle is far more vulnerable than a passenger car or a commercial truck. But no matter how well you have been trained, how aware you are every time you ride, and how defensively you drive, there are times when the other person will actually make that unexpected move, the one that puts your life in danger. At Hartman Duff, LLC, a dedicated New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer understands what motivates you to ride and we admire how well-prepared you are every time you head out onto the roads and highways of New Jersey and beyond. 

The statistics for motorcycle accidents never improve. In 2017, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that motorcyclists were 27 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled. These grim numbers reflect the structural inequity between how motorcycles are designed and how every other motorized vehicle on the road is designed. No matter how careful you are, no matter how aware you are of every single thing that could go wrong on your ride, the harsh reality is that motorcycles will always lose in an accident with a car or truck.

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Our qualified personal injury lawyers understand that you need the right motorcycle accident lawyers to protect your rights and help you get back to how you were before the accident. If you live in Mercer County, Burlington County, Somerset County, Middlesex County, or anywhere else in New Jersey, Hartman Duff, LLC will fight for you just as hard as you are fighting to recover from your motorcycle accident. Contact our skilled New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer today for a free consultation about your case.

Causes and Severity of Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey

A motorcycle lacks the crashworthiness and occupant protection characteristics of an automobile. Because an automobile is much larger and heavier than a motorcycle, it becomes a dangerous weapon when it makes contact with a rider and the motorcycle. 

A motorcyclist can be hurt or killed by everything on the outside of the car, from the car body itself to side mirrors. Conversely, the body of the car serves to protect the occupants, as does the existence of features motorcycles simply don’t have, such as airbags.

When there is an accident between a motorcycle and a commercial truck, the equation is infinitely more uneven.

Both car and truck drivers consistently demonstrate a failure to understand how motorcycles work and how frail they can be in impact situations with larger, much heavier vehicles. Drivers of cars and trucks are notoriously bad at sharing the road with motorcycles and their lack of understanding results in often fatal misjudgments. 

When motorcycle riders are in an accident, the results are severe. A study overseen by the Consumer Product Safety Commission examined over 500,000 motorcycle accidents per year. They found that the most frequently injured body parts are legs and feet. This is followed by the arms, and then the head and neck which make up 16.8% of all injuries. Fractures and broken bones are the most common, followed closely by less serious injuries such as lacerations, contusions, and sprains. 

What to Do If You Are In a Motorcycle Accident

The first thing you need to do after an accident is to get medical care as soon as possible. The severity of motorcycle injuries are almost always underestimated by the injured rider, so getting immediate medical care needs to be your number one concern. No matter how minor you believe your injuries may be, immediate medical care is necessary.

The next thing you need to do is contact law enforcement if someone else has not already done so. The accident scene needs to be secured and an investigation can begin right away. The motorcyclist injured in the accident needs to do their best to ensure that as much information as possible is collected. The best way to think about a legal claim following a motorcycle accident is as a giant puzzle. Many of the most important pieces are found at the scene immediately following the accident. 

Information such as the other party’s license and insurance information needs to be collected. If you are unable to do this yourself, there are hopefully other people at the scene who have contacted law enforcement and begun this process of information-gathering. 

Under no circumstances should you talk to the other party’s insurance company. This is something that should be done only by an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. At Hartman Duff, LLC, our trusted New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer understands the entire process of a claim, from the moment of the accident to the moment of a verdict or settlement. We understand how to talk to the other parties, including their insurance and legal teams.  

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If you have sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, or if a loved one was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident, contact the New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Hartman Duff, LLC today to discuss your rights and options. We will help you better understand whether you may be entitled to damages, and we offer a free consultation to all of our clients. Our office can be reached at 609-853-5579 or you can fill out this online form.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accident Injuries in New Jersey

Does Hartman Duff, LLC have experience in Motorcycle accident lawsuits?

Yes. We have represented people for years who have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Mercer County, Burlington County, Somerset County, Middlesex County, and throughout New Jersey. We have the experience and perspective to help you get the maximum compensation from your claim.

If I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle, do I have different rights from those of car drivers and passengers?

No. In New Jersey, motorcyclists have the same rights as anyone else who shared the roads and highways of our state. Contact the legal team at Hartman Duff, LLC today to learn about the specifics surrounding your case.

If my loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident, is there a possibility that I could make a claim on their behalf?

Yes. If a close relative has been killed in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for the loss of income as a result of their death.

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